Comprehensive South Korean media reports, South Korean world cup soccer jerseys team in the main just suddenly fell to the ground in pain last night's game with Tunisia, coach Hong Myung-bo caused a highly tense today after checking the basic rule of Precision Instruments major injuries, doctors diagnosed only about a week to travel with the team training. The functional backs Kim Jin-soo is not so lucky, Korea Football Association has been informed today that players can not be training with the team due to injury, played in the Bundesliga team Mainz FireWire Puzhu Hao will reinforce the national team.

flood in last night's game was just a sudden pain in the fall to the ground, head coach Hong Myung-bo had to be substituted with a veteran flood just Guotai Hui. Today, MRI diagnostic precision instruments through a detailed examination and doctors found no serious damage to the patient department, just some minor muscle strain, need to rest for a week or so to training with the team, participated in the World Cup is definitely not a problem.

now playing in the left side of the Japanese J League team Albirex Niigata defender Kim Jin-soo is not so lucky. Korea Football Association today announced that due to the player's foot injury is difficult to recover in a short time, so the effect will be replaced with Mainz in the Bundesliga team. Kim Jin-soo Hong Myung-bo has been untouchable national team left-back candidate, but because of a foot injury did not improve, he did not even appear in last night's game with Tunisia site.

Japanese J League has been concerned about the effect on the performance of the national league of South Korea striker, is also very proud to think that before the announcement of the South Korean national team among the 23-man squad for the effectiveness of the J-League has four finalists Korea feet, beat Super 3 Korea aid effectiveness in addition to becoming the largest contribution to the European League League. Since Kim Jin-soo pulled out, the current number of J League Super South Korea South Korea striker pin number and matched, while the contribution of the three players, South Korean foreign aid Super World Cup in South Korea to prepare a list of seven people there defender Zhang Xianxiu, along with some unexpected situations The emergence of perhaps world cup jerseys the number of super Korea will beat J-League striker rose to No. 2.

generals Wilshere Arsenal recently in an interview with authoritative media, 'Sky Sports' cheap world cup jerseys interview, said his young military strategy for England manager Roy Hodgson is very supportive, gunmen Prince Three Lions hope this year to replicate the success of the German youth of the storm.

England World Cup squad for the past 23 Jieyou very different composition staff in six players still less than 22 years of age, including 18-year-old star of the Premier League - Luke Shaw, 19-year-old Liverpool teenager Sterling 20-year-old star of hope Chamberlain Arsenal and Everton this season, rising striker Ross Barkley - and 22-year-old Royal Arsenal star Wilshere and Manchester United defender Phil - Jones. In response, the British media over the past few pair Eriksson, Capet Luo Zhuzheng era considered the favorite to win the England team, but the opposite is not optimistic about Zhezhi a lot of young players enabled the Three Lions. But finalists Arsenal midfielder Wilshere did not think so, gunmen Prince expressed considerable support for England coach Roy Hodgson's young military strategy.

'Indeed, we are very young, but that does not mean that we lack experience,' Wilshere said in the face of 'Sky Sports' interview, 'Maybe not as good as some of our people enough competition experience, but we are full of vigor and passion I can tell you that we are not to participate in the World Cup semifinals, said to meet, our goal is very simple, and that is to win the World Cup, we will let the whole of England as we are proud of, in addition we all know, once Germany The team is also very young, but they created a surprising result, I do not think we can do it. '

England manager Roy Hodgson arrangements, in addition to a large number of young players not to be optimistic enable outsiders, but did not move into the World Cup experience too much practice players have also been widely questioned. According to statistics, England 23-man squad has as many as 17 players did not participate in the World Cup. But this still own some Wilshere views. 'We have players like Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, who will have the ability to keep the team calm down, so I think in addition to that they need to increase foreign teams more fearless factor, so as to make the whole team to produce a better chemical reactions. '

most also talked about the club manager Arsene Wenger, he said to make official world cup jerseys himself able to best meet the quadrennial World Cup, professors did not ask him back quickly. 'I have repeatedly told him that my injury has been good, I want to return to the game, but his answer was always: No, he told me for the World Cup, I still need more training to get a better physical condition Of course, I knew he was good to me, so I am happy to accept his proposal, even when I think I need to come back to help the team, he still told me he wanted me to train one to two weeks longer, I am very grateful Everything he has done for me. '


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