Nelson `Yoshimura, became apparent, is undoubtedly a Brazilian. His father was born in Japan Yoshimura is defined Kumamoto Prefecture, Matsue mother was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil Japanese-II. Nelson grew fond of football, finish the meal mother often wiping his hands full during a small alley shouting addicted Nelson home for dinner. Just a year after his mother's death, came from Japan, this unexpected news. 'Japan is not my country, because I always thought he was Brazilian.' He once refused Yanmar plants in Brazil through a lawyer sent invitations. As he had forgotten the occasion of those outside the brain, the day Yanmar factory representatives and lawyers dressed neatly Highlighting that moved Nelson's father. 'Immigrants came to Brazil for 37 years, has never been back to Japan once such a good chance how the heart turned down it?' Tearfully telling his father touched the hearts of Nelson. But he not only understand the language in Japan is also unaccompanied, delay hesitation is not resolved. Brazil has just one year of compulsory military service system, and my father suggestions that 'it served as a military service to Japan, come on!' Nelson This time categorically determined.

Yoshimura other side of the country came to Earth soon after the Japanese league Guanjue moment, but he also surprised to find that not even the most basic Japanese players Dianqiu can not do. His nickname, 'kitten', which refers to his soft and delicate ball technology, the rumor that year than his earlier six months to four consecutive league Kanto University scorer identity into the cauldron of the state foreign Colts Mao, the first in the village to see Kat one, it was his game overawed. Until graduation, the cauldron accepted guidance are German-style football, chest, stop the ball, the ball bounced too high, but Yoshimura has completely different. The ball around as if an invisible magic with, obediently adsorbed Brazilian chest, with a single step.

a country with Japanese ancestry and appearance, but a stopping, a note feint, gestures all through the overflow Yoshimura presence of Brazilian players superb functionality, greatly inspired the training vessel of passion. They are often composed of partner training, kettle head start in the 1968 Mexico official world cup jerseys Olympics bronze medal match of the year, the result is a smooth chest, stopping, and also his Yoshimura share their experience with the witness.


Yoshimura also makes foreign Colts had too much emphasis on defensive play, because while the transition to upgrade skills of the Latin-style short pass penetration. He and partner of the foreign vessel Colts successfully build a Brazilian offensive play, started in Japan, Brazil football blowing a whirlwind. The ocean Colts Sudi, has Sugiyama Ryuichi's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be determined in the German mechanical overall play. November 17, 1968, the parties in the National Kasumigaoka unprecedented race track and field arena, as many as 40,000 spectators Quchi scene, thereafter to maintain a record of nearly 20 years in the Japanese League record maximum spectators.

one by one and dumped in modern Japanese football Brazilian origin in personal technology with superior demonstration Japanese usa world cup jerseys League, becoming

Yoshimura. Meanwhile, his sincere personality, attitude training seriously, and let the discerning Japanese on his appreciation for Canada, for the later Japanese-Brazilians opened the doors to enter the Japanese.

70 years in Japan as well as a football event, it is the world's number one, Brazilian Pele airborne Japan. May 26, 1972, Pele with Santos visiting teams from Brazil, audience Tokyo National Stadium, the Japanese at the gates of the world's top players witnessed the feat.

1940 年 10 月 21 born 31-year-old Bailey this year, just two years ago in the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, turned out to help the performance of the Brazilian team in the history of the Third aspirations. National Arena luminous lamp, Bailey Japanese fans in the audience full of kindness, and dedication to the two second half goals. A mind is back to defend against the Japanese team member, chest, stopping, turning; then through two defensive teams hand in the attack, after volley ground bounce. Another clever mind is more complicated: first pick the ball over the first defender, feint itself to go past opponents; suit picked off second place team, turned out ahead of the first leg of the other side, a header ferry, a breakthrough; Finally left foot volley hit the net nest near corner, draw a perfect ending.

Bailey's world cup soccer jerseys nirvana

dumped throughout Japan, many of which are Japanese teenager. After the game, the kids chase Bailey possessed a camel ride the bus, mouth shouting Bailey's name. The next day, 'Sankei Shimbun' unprecedented because a football news and sold, staged a 'Luoyangzhigui.'

However, the charm is in the league of its normalization. Bailey huge effect short-lived. In Nierxunji village led Brazil leads the league in Japan of foreign aid on a country's football subtle enlightenment and transformation, but even Pele is also unmatched.

Nelson initially determined to hold the Trial of the year in Japan. With Young Colts League from an underdog in Japan before he joined degenerated into 1971 winner of the day in full unknowingly passed four years. Period, he married a Japanese wife, which prompted him to start thinking about whether or not to join the Japanese nationality. By chance, at this time, through the Japan Football Association also Yanmar, issued a naturalized Japanese invitation to Nelson.

Since then, this Japanese-Brazilians renamed 'Yoshimura Chi Lang,' officially naturalized Japanese. Father gave his son the name of justice, the implication is clear, that is to him 'an ambitious effort when a good man.' In March, the nascent ambition Lang Yoshimura National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan's national 2014 world cup jerseys team for the first time put on the shirt, the same year in July, he was in an international tournament in Malaysia for the first time on behalf of Japan played an international A-level competition.

Yoshimura Lang lifetime ambition on behalf of Japan played 45 international matches, harvest seven goals, the most by far of naturalized players in Japan. However, compared with the record in the Young Colts hehe, because of the long winter trapped Japanese football era of factors, the overall level of local players in Japan is generally low, Yoshimura Chi Lang Orangemen had plenty of ambition in Japan, but less depressed unsuccessful. Since 1968 Mexico Olympics after stunning wins copper, old and new Japan Football alternation failure has been eliminated from both the Olympics and World Cup. Federal Republic of Germany in 1973 World Cup is the first launch Yoshimura challenge to the World Cup, although the Asian qualifiers to qualify from the group, but soon crashed out in front of the Israeli team 1-0 World Cup Broken Dreams.

that era of Japanese football, but also too far away from the world. . 'A lose lose, win a lack of mettle' However, in the Japanese national team record harvest 54 assists, ranked fifth Yoshimura history does not regret: 'I seriously live over a decade, as there is no sense of time. Later Jin desperately I would not.


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